Your chance to program Bigsound 2013! - MusicNSW

QMusic are looking for a new Executive Programmer to replace Graham Ashton for Bigsound 2013-Australia’s most highly regarded music industry conference and showcase in Brisbane.

Contract position October 2012 – September, 2013 (one year term with an option for a second year)

Reports to: Executive Officer – QMusic

The Executive Programmer will be required to undertake some international and national travel to attend music markets that QMusic will fund.

The Executive Programmer must be available to meet regularly with the Executive Officer, QMusic.

The ability to communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders is essential to this position.




  • Create program topics and theme
  • Liaise with international and national business leaders to secure buyers and speakers for the BIGSOUND Conference
  • Manage speaker budget reporting regularly to EO
  • Source strong facilitators for panel sessions
  • Create briefing notes for speakers and ensure facilitators make contact with panellists prior to event
  • Liaise with and report to BIGSOUND programming committee to ensure a well rounded conference program is delivered
  • Liaise with overseas and interstate music industry trade bodies to increase buy-in from external areas
  • Ensure all set funding KPIs are met through programming (as communicated by the Executive Officer)
  • Liaise with publicity consultant to ensure consistency of marketing messages and suitability of the campaign


  • Curate BIGSOUND Live showcase program through promotion of opportunity, invitation and application process and appropriate partnerships
  • Refine and manage showcase application / invitation process
  • Manage and facilitate selection processes for BIGSOUND Live showcasing artists to ensure a variety of genre’s
  • Develop systems with Executive Officer and with logistics team to ensure showcasing venues are appropriate and secured, and that programming is consistent with venue requirements; speaker accommodation and flight requirements are met; and that programming is coherent with conference venue scheduling
  • Liaise personally with national industry to drive conference registrations
  • Attend two QMusic board meetings to report on BIGSOUND programming progress
  • Liaise with marketing & communications officer to provide accurate copy for program


  • Ensure guests are ready for their allotted panel times
  • Be available to manage crises


  • Create report on panels and showcases for insertion into sponsorship reports
  • Liaise with QMusic EO on sponsorship reports


  • Demonstrated vision and networks to deliver an exciting and vibrant program in 2013 that engages relevant national and international buyers and delivers a forward thinking conference program.
  • Demonstrated understanding of BIGSOUND’s strengths and weaknesses and a solid plan to enhance all areas of the program
  • Demonstrated capacity to curate and engage the cream of Australia’s contemporary music talent and deliver two nights of showcases that builds on the 2011 success
  • Demonstrated capacity to work within a framework of communicating with multiple partners, working with a programming reference group and adhering to strict budgets.
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