Family - MusicNSW

FAMILY are a 5-piece rock group from Sydney, Australia. They play post-punk/krautrock inspired songs that focus on repetitive rhythms and melodic vocals. The group consists of members of Sydney underground stalwarts Dead Farmers, as well as Peewee and Drum Drum. Although only having been in existence for only a few short months, they already exhibit a sound and a vision that is clearly their own.

Catch FAMILY playing at the Sound Summit Program Launch on Saturday 4 August at Red Rattler alongside Woollen Kits, Rites Wild, Rat King and DJ Thomas William.

How would you sum up Family in three words?

I Feel Good.

Your musical influences are obviously rooted in post-punk/krautrock, what are some Australian acts that inspire you?

All the bands we play/share members with.

What is your dream Australian festival to play at?

There’s no real “dream” festival in Australia, but we love being involved in any festival that supports the local scene.

How did your musical journey begin? What were the key factors in helping Family finally breakthrough into the Sydney music scene?

We started out by trying to mix together the kind of cold English new wave stuff with the improvisation and repetition of bands like Can and Neu!. We’ve all been playing in different bands for the last few years, this is a new project for us.

What is your favourite venue in Sydney to play in and why?

We don’t have a favourite venue, we like seeing good bands no matter where they are playing.

What’s on the horizon for Family in the next 12 months?

No solid plans beyond recording, writing songs and playing shows. We’ll try and learn how to play our instruments better too!