Captured Announces Entries List - MusicNSW

CAPTURED began in 2011 by pairing six up-and-coming music artists and six emerging filmmakers for a music video competition, and the results were spectacular. This year, the competition returns, and CAPTURED 2.0 is sure to be even better than the original!

The official list of entries is in, and although the music artists and filmmakers will not be paired until a later date, the list alone demonstrates a wealth of talent. Check them out below:


James Brettell

Jeremy Graham

Kim Sargenius

Sam Cupitt

Turk Lees

BANDS:Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun


Riley & Donna

Stone Parade


The Upskirts

So to see the pairings, which will happen in the coming weeks, click here:

The films will premiere in mid-November, and they’re sure to be great, so watch for the official dates to be announced in October!