Molly Contogeorge - MusicNSW

After making her professional music debut at only 17 years old in 2008, Molly Contogeorge has performed in front of audiences in both Australia and abroad. In March she released her newest single “Off I Go,” a live recording produced while working on her sophomore EP Glasshouse Living, which has sold out of hard copies three times since its release in October 2011. She also has a number of upcoming tour dates in New South Wales, which are sure to be fantastic.

Interview by MusicNSW Intern Kyle Arrouzet. 

You come from a musical family. Did you always know that you wanted to go into music? If not, what was your dream job growing up?

Because of my upbringing music has been a founding part of my life and I think I always knew that I’d end up pursuing it myself one day. Although, when I was 10 I did briefly entertain thoughts of becoming an Astronomer (till I realised I’d have to start putting more effort into my maths homework…)

What is the most exciting gig you’ve played and why?

Last year I was invited to perform at The Romerías de Mayo World Festival of the arts in Holguín, Cuba and from the minute I arrived it was go, go, go!  I walked straight off a rickety, propeller driven aircraft and into an exhausting round of press conferences, television interviews, bar side gigs and the biggest performance of my life; playing in a stadium packed full of people at the Romerías closing ceremony. Yeah, that was a big day.

You were recently featured on Balcony TV. Were you nervous about performing for them?  

At first I kinda felt like a deer caught in the headlights, but the people at Balcony TV are so warm and helpful that it’s hard to feel nervous in their presence. I had to remind myself that they’re volunteering their time and energy to help promote local Sydney talent and that my responsibility is to try and deliver a good performance.

If you had to pick another Sydney based artist to collaborate with, who would you choose?

Hm, this one’s a toughie! Sydney is filled with some of the most colourful and creative musicians this country has to offer, so picking just one is near impossible. I’ve been a big fan of Lanie Lane for a long time and she was such a staple of the Sydney music scene (before moving to Melbourne) so in terms of the ideal collaboration, it’s hard to look past her!

What’s the hardest thing about being an up and coming artist in New South Wales and why?

The hardest thing for any artist (regardless of location) is in attracting a loyal following. At the moment there are some really fantastic initiatives that are working hard to get local crowds into venues and supporting live music. We can sense the rumblings of a revolution, but indie artists will forever be competing against the major and minor festival circuits, nightclubs and the dreaded “quiet night in.”  

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Sept 12th: The Folk informal @ FBi Social (Kings Cross Hotel)

Sept 15th:
Upstairs and Underground (The Gaelic Hotel)

Sept 27th:
The Balcony TV Live Sessions (Ravesis, Bondi Beach)

Oct 4th:
Supporting Microwave Jenny “The Chasing you” tour (Brass Monkey)

Oct 13th:
Girls and Boys Brigade present: Wonder 100-A-Fete
w/ Bertie Blackman, Tame Impala, Deep Sea Arcade and many more (Surry Hills)

Nov 4th:
The Bitter and Twisted Festival (Maitland Gaol)