Music Industry Lobbies for AMRAP Funding - MusicNSW

The music industry recently came together to lobby the Federal Government on behalf of AMRAP (the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project). As a causality of the Federal Government’s tough 2012-2013 budget in May, AMRAP is in a dire financial situation. Consequently, music industry officials are lobbying to have AMRAP’s $600,000-per-year funding restored.

AMRAP currently delivers music by 3000 local independent artists spanning 100 labels to 300 community radio stations, 70% of which are outside major cities. Numerous artists, labels, managers, and publicists have expressed that AMRAP is essential to their success.

In 2011, an independent review of AMRAP commissioned by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) gave the organisation a positive review and encouraged it to apply for $1 Million annual funding. Unfortunately, AMRAP has lost funding instead and can only be kept going by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia until the end of 2012.

Major music associations, including the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), the Australasian Performance Right Association (APRA), the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR), the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) and the Music Council have submitted letters of support to the Government. Additionally, over 300 artists have posted testimonials on in support and solidarity.

AMRAP requests that artists and music fans write to their local Federal MPs and/or senators. A list of these officials can be found on the AMRAP website here.