Inertia Partners with Crowd Funder PledgeMusic - MusicNSW

The independent label Inertia have announced they have partnered with crowd funding source PledgeMusic which will permit them to offer their roster retail and fundraising opportunities through PledgeMusic.

In turn the the Pledge option will be available to the artists on the Inertia roster.

Inertia’s Managing Director Colin Daniels told that the value of the partnership will be through the “seamless” relationship with the label and Pledge and that they’re “seeing this as a pre-order system… artists can get fan-funding before the album’s made.”

Daniels has also stated that the label’s experience in working with crowd-funding will give artists on Inertia an advantage.“

Artists that are currently using PledgeMusic to fund projects include Ben Lee, Kate Nash and Saves The Day.

Inertia Partners With Crowd-Funder PledgeMusic