NSW Government’s Creative Industries 10 Year Action Plan to be released early 2013 - MusicNSW

Australian music stakeholders, particularly those based in New South Wales are currently awaiting the draft of the state’s Government’s Creative Industries 10 year Action Plan, and all seems going full steam ahead according to Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner, who delivered a keynote address at the ARIA Masterclass this week, stating that the draft plan, which is being chaired by Dan Rosen, is on track to be released early 2013.

Stoner also said the plan would help New South Wales retain its position as a “major creative industries hub in the asia pacific”. He added, “When the other states have had their mining booms, we’ll be there with our creative economy.”

The NSW Government Creative Industries Taskforce are the team behind developing the Industry Action Plan, and earlier in the year they called for public submissions from creative organisations and stakeholders in NSW to help shape the future of the sector over the next decade.

If you wish to make a late submission or contact the Taskforce, please send your request to creative.iap@business.nsw.gov.au.

For more information on the Creative Industry Action plan head here.