One quarter of Australians listen to community radio every week - MusicNSW

In the wake of the CBAA Conference and Awards in Melbourne last week, some great news about community radio statistics has emerged-25% of the country now listen to community radio every week!

According to the latest McNair Ingenuity survey, 4,446,000 people listen to community radio every week (which makes up 25% of the population). When “occasional” listeners are added, the figure rises to 10,611,000. 1.2 million (7%) do not turn to commercial radio; 599,000 people neither listen to commercial or ABC/SBS.

Most people who tune in do so to be updated on the local news, second to that is supporting local music. 92.6% access via AM/FM, 53% online, 33% via podcast, 6.6% FM and digital, and 0.8% digital only. The digital figures are actually higher: but many of those surveyed lived in areas where digital is not available.

The results were delivered by the research company’s Matt Balogh at the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) conference in Melbourne on the weekend.

Nicola Joseph, CEO of Community Media Training Organisation, explained at the CBAA conference that less people are now listening to commercial radio, and community radio should never follow it’s footsteps, because “that form is done”

For more information on the CBAA Awards head here.