MusicNSW Announces 2013 Quick Response Grants - MusicNSW

MusicNSW is excited to announce three new rounds of Quick Response Grants for 2013.

The Quick Response Grants support artists and managers in developing their export and international support opportunities, and has been significant in assisting many artists in achieving their touring and showcasing goals.

Quick Response Funding is a grant stream developed to support educational, networking and information sharing outcomes with a view to establishing a platform for artists to maximise career-defining opportunities available domestically.

This year’s programs focus on attendance at Australian conferences and trade fairs as a means to developing relationships in international markets prior to travelling overseas, and to assist in the development of business skills and a national audience. It is also available to support career-defining opportunities that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to artists, which may consist of major support opportunities or other key showcase events.

Submissions can only be made by artists (and/ or their managers) based in NSW. All applicants must be Australian citizens or have permanent residence status in Australia.

This funding can be used towards the costs of taking up a career-defining invitation domestically. It can be used to cover the travel, accommodation and other associated costs for all band members and one representative from management. Each individual can request up to $850, up to a capped amount of $5500 in total.

There will be THREE Quick Response rounds throughout 2013.

Round One – Opening March 25th, closing April 12th. 

Round Two – Opening June 24, closing July 12th.

Round Three – Opening September 16, closing October 4th.

All opportunities must be completed by December 31st, 2013.

For application forms, and more details head here.