Warner Music, Jimmy Little Foundation and AAM come together to help Indigenous music managers - MusicNSW

Warner Music Australia has teamed up with the Jimmy Little Foundation to assist managers of Indigenous artists, providing annual $10, 000 grants to the manager that the Foundation chooses.

This new funding initiative is also run in partnership with the Association Artist Managers (AAM).

The new grant program was announced officially at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, during the press conference.

“Managers are such an important part of what we do so to have a manager who understands you, where you’re going and where you come from is so important. You need a manager who knows their stuff. If you’re an indigenous artist working in the middle of nowhere, the chance of finding a manager is slim. It’s terrific to have a start like this.” said Kevin Bennett at the conference.

Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup, CEO of the Jimmy Little Foundation, said the program would begin by getting experienced urban managers out into the regional areas to build up the skills there. “As we build the program, we might start bringing people out of communities.”

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