Call for action from Accessibility Arts - MusicNSW

Accessible Arts are calling for action in response to the National Cultural Policy’s lack of funding for the National Arts and Disability strategy which supports artists with disabilities.

Instead of providing the much needed funding, the policy has merely called for a culture of tolerance towards people with a disability.

Accessible Arts would like you to join them in sending out a strong and unified message to the Commonwealth Government that this is unacceptable. To pledge your support, please forward the letter below to our new Arts Minister Tony Burke at and to your local federal members of parliament. You can find your local member by visiting

MusicNSW strongly believes that people with disabilities deserve to have full and equal access to arts and culture in Australia, and we will also be submitting a letter in support of the cause. 

The following is offered as a sample letter:

Dear (insert name of minister or local member)

I welcomed the release of the National Cultural Policy, Creative Australia last week. However, I am writing to share with you my concern that the needs of the 4.2 million Australians with disability have not been adequately addressed. In particular, I am dismayed by the fact that the policy refers to the need for tolerance of people with disability, rather than celebrating the quality of work produced by artists with a disability across Australia and their contribution to the Australian arts industries.

Firstly, I call on the Government to make a formal apology to Australians with disability for promoting tolerance rather than equity in a policy designed for all Australians.

Secondly, I call on the Government to acknowledge the important role people with disability have to play in Australia’s arts and cultural life.

Thirdly, I call on the Government to make the $24 million investment over four years required to fully implement the National Arts and Disability Strategy.

Finally, I call on the Government to tell Australians with disability how organisations funded under Creative Australia will be supported to ensure their programs and services are accessible to people with disability.

By doing so,  the Australian Government will demonstrate their true commitment to ensuring people with disability have full and equal access to arts and culture in Australia. Thank you.

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