Council’s plan to save live music in Wollongong - MusicNSW

This week Wollongong council voted unanimously to develop cultural guidelines for the region in an attempt to save it’s live music scene.

On Friday 28th February, two of the countries leading live music advocates Dr Ianto Ware and John Wardle travelled to Wollongong to assess the live music situation there and meet with venue owners and councillors.

Music writer  Jessie Hunt and music student Jack Tickner had a meeting with council this week requesting a new policy on live music, including a recommendation of establishing a  live music taskforce in Wollongong in the same way Sydney did.

Hunt, 19, told, “There actually isn’t a timeline for the task force to be established as yet – hopefully, this is something that will be confirmed over the next few weeks. We’ll definitely continue lobbying council until a more concrete plan is established.”

Labour councillor Ann Martin stated at the meet that she wanted to see an increase in all ages venues and events, better management of conflict between venues, the police and neighbours. Martin also wanted to see a ‘broadening’ of thinking for performance space.

“[That’s] what we should be doing to support current creative communities, including artists, as well as making the most of our parks, beaches, as a whole place, from Helensburgh to Windang,” the councillor said.