Marrickville Council Meet - MusicNSW

Marrickville Council will be meeting tonight to vote on their own own ‘Live Music on Parramatta Road’ Motion’ and to discuss the state Marrickville council’s live music scene and the issues it’s currently facing.

In the meeting they will be discussing the continual struggles of “illegal” warehouse venues that operate within the general industrial zoned areas in Marrickville such as Dirty Shirlows and Median, as well the recent closure of some more established venues within the council area.

See below for the proposed motion:

“It is suggested that Council undertakes research to understand reasons why legal venues such as Notes Enmore, The Sando Newtown have closed down in recent months. This research should include factors such as economic sustainability, liquor licensing laws, BCA requirements and accessibility requirements. Once the above constraints have been identified, it will assist with the development of programs and policies that could support the proposed Parramatta Road initiative.

It is also suggested that further research take place to understand why alternative music venues such as Dirty Shirlows and Median (both located in the industrial parts of Marrickville) were not able to meet the requirements to make the venues legal and permissible. Informal feedback indicates that the fire, safety and accessibility requirements expected of the venues make it financially unsustainable for small business owners to open and operate a music venue legally. This research could be used to inform the development of Council’s role in fostering the live music industry.”

We will keep you updated on any future developments!