Light Giant - MusicNSW

Sydney 3-piece Light Giant is an indie experimental pop music band that consists of guitarist/keyboardist Janakin Jugueta (also of Sealion), vocalist/guitarist Daniel Cunningham (also of Parades) and bassist Michael Scarpin (also of Parades). The trio released their debut single, Waste of Wine, in March last year, and has toured with the likes of Hungary Kids of Hungry. We caught up with Janakin Jugueta to see how Light Giant have been travelling this year.

Describe Light Giant in just three words.

Friends making music.

What first drew you to becoming a musician?

I had a family friend who owned a classical guitar and his father would play us Spanish songs. I thought that was pretty cool when I was 5.

How did Light Giant come to be?

We came from two different bands that had recently disbanded. We’ve been friends for a long time that one day at a food court we decided to make music, then and there.

What has your experiences on the shorts tours with Hungary Kids of Hungry and Nantes/Battleships been like?

It was fun just to play on the road again, especially with Nantes are they’re mates of ours. It also reminded me that touring is pretty much the same no matter where you go. A lot of driving and waiting around.

What does a typical track making session look like for Light Giant?

It depends. We could be jamming at one of our houses or just playing round on a computer. I guess that’s the real reason we haven’t put more stuff out because there’s an inconsistency with how we make our music.

Now that you are on holiday from university, have you been making any music/brainstorming for any music?

Speaking of holiday, I’m currently overseas right now, enjoying the sun and snorkelling. I’m not sure if the other guys are working on anything. The thing is, we don’t try to force anything (which in hindsight has the been the reason we haven’t really done anything). However, when I get back from holidaying, I’m personally going to see if I can get something going.

What can one expect from a live Light Giant show?

I guess they can expect not seeing what they expect. I remember our first show, people commenting on the ethereal sort of sound that we have on Waste of Wine. It was much heavier than people expected, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing the Australian music scene at the moment and how has it affected your work as an artist?

That people aren’t paid their dues. The entertainment and music industries remain to be one of the biggest industries in the world, yet there’s a big flaw in how the wealth is distributed, where the artists get very little.

If you could collaborate with any Sydney based artist or band, who would you pick?

I personally would like to work with Kirin J Callinan. There’s a freshness about him that I enjoy.

How important has community radio been for your success?

Very important. Without community radios help, FBi Radio especially, we wouldn’t have been able to do the things we’ve done.

What is on the horizon for Light Giant within the next year?

I honestly have no idea. Hopefully something more than this year?