Pozible Gigs goes live! - MusicNSW

Crowdfunding platform Pozible have introduced a new scheme which is giving musicians, event coordinators and venues the chance to fund their projects, and crowdfunding campaigns have now gone live!

Across five different categories, a total of $10,000 were on offer. Categories included: Most Funds Raised ($3,000), Most Supporters ($2,000), Pozible Pick ($2,000), Fastest to Target ($500 x 3) and Most Social Media Shares ($500 x 3).

Musicians have been among the fastest to embrace crowdfunding in Australia and through PozibleGigs we hope to further the support we are offering,’ said Pozible Director Alan Crabbe.

‘While I am sure lots of potential event coordinators will be excited about the prizes on offer, what we are excited about is seeing more performance opportunities and exposure for musicians and significantly more money directed in to putting on great live music performances.’

Applicants will be expected to offer tickets, drink vouchers, albums, merchandise and opportunities to meet the bands and will look to raise money for artist payments, venues, drinks and AV.

Submissions for ‘Pozible Gigs’  closed on 12 August and all participating went live on 26 August.

Check it out by heading here!