The Australian Freelance Musicians Alliance (AFMA) Musicians Meeting - MusicNSW

The Australian Freelance Musicians Alliance (AFMA) who were created to advocate for the rights of working musicians in NSW musicians, has called a meeting of industry participants to plan for a better, fairer and more sustainable music industry, to be held on September 16 in Surry Hills.

The AFMA strongly believe that being a musician is not a hobby, it’s a profession (which it is!). The forming of the AFMA was brought about by MEAA’s efforts this year to help musicians who were left unpaid from the 2012 Peats Ridge Festival. The MEAA assisted festival creditors in appointing a liquidator of their own choosing. This may have not been successful in getting the musicians paid what they were owed, but the  liquidation process did ensure that the festival’s management had to account for its actions.

AFMA is holding a musicians’ meeting at 6pm on September 16 at the NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre at 37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills.

The purpose of the meeting is to vote for a campaign plan to achieve improvements for the music industry. The meeting will hear the results of a musicians’ survey identifying key industry issues, and provide a forum for discussion involving some of Sydney’s most respected musicians.

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