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Destiny 3000 is a pop-group from Sydney made up of Jaz, Emily, Millie, Hannah and Elle. D3K started playing together at the beginning of this year and will play until the year 3000. They have played in Sydney and Melbourne with acts like The UV Race, Mad Nanna, Housewives, Mope City and are about to head to Brisbane. They’ll be playing at Sound Summit 2013, so we thought we’d grab them for a chat.

Describe Destiny 3000 in just three words.

Fab rock show!

How did Destiny 3000 first come about?

It’s a long story but basically we all fell in love and haven’t looked back.

What do you enjoy about being a part of Destiny 3000 in particular?

We get our period at the same time.

What can we expect from your Destiny 3000 performance at Sound Summit this year?

Pop tunes! It’ll be the same as always but hopefully better! We’ll try and make it ultra special.

Are you excited about it being in Sydney this year?

It’s a shame it’s not at the Croatian Club that place is the bomb, but Sydney will always be fab.

How important are independent music festivals to the overall cultural landscape of NSW?

It’s important because it shows people working super hard creating festivals not for money but to let everyone enjoy the good music that’s around. A lot of people wouldn’t be able to see bands on the Sound Summit line up because of location or because they might not have heard of them before. Plus it’s good for bands to play to different people in different places.

How important is the DIY ethic to you in your approach to your musical projects?

It’s not a conscious thing, we just play with our friends and help organise shows. But it’s a fun way to get it done because there’s no outside pressure, we can make decisions between us and we get more one-on-one time with other bands who end becoming our your best mates! It also means all the bands support each other and come to each others’ shows which is really nice of everyone.

What’s on the horizon for Destiny 3000 post-festival?

We’re going to put out a 7″ on R.I.P and a cassette on Albert’s Basement.

Catch Destiny 3000 playing at Sound Summit festival between 7-10 November, 2013! Check out the festival or purchase tickets by heading to