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Four Door is a Sydney based outfit featuring Jonathan Hochman (Holy Balm) and Matthew Hopkins (Half High). Four Door draws from realms of acid house, minimal synth, experimental electronics, and techno to create woozy dance orientated music. They will be playing at Sound Summit this weekend on Saturday 9th November between 5-9pm at Marrickville Bowling Club. Find out more details about their upcoming gig by heading to

Describe Four Door in just three words.

Moogy flanged dance.

How did Four Door first come about?

For many years we worked together as ‘Hochman & Hopkins’ which was an improvised wonky electronics type project. At one point Jonathan suggested that perhaps we should work on a dance floor orientated techno type thing. It seemed like a good idea, so we started Four Door.

You have both been involved in other musical projects (Holy Balm, Naked on the Vague, Half High). What do you enjoy about being a part of Four Door in particular?

I enjoy it most when it’s late night and people are very focused on dancing and being free. It seems to facilitate some expressive movements which is enjoyable; it’s good to just flail and flap about to in a silly way, but also seems to allow some serious introspective, trance zones to emerge.

What can we expect from your Four Door performance at Sound Summit this year?

Mostly new stuff. The current live set is about ¾ new, unreleased, unrecorded stuff that is structurally pretty loose. We cater it to fit the amount of time for the set, and time of day, so we’ll have to see how the bowlo is going on the day and take it from there. We’ll try and have some fun with it you can count on that. We’ll enjoy some sparkling wine and move around whilst pushing buttons and turning knobs. There will be some dancing most likely. It might get a bit spooky in parts.

Are you excited about it being in Sydney this year?

Yes. It’ll be interesting to see it down here this year. It’s always a top time no matter where it is, but it is pretty nice to be able to just wander down the road and see it all!

How important are independent music festivals to the overall cultural landscape of NSW?

Extremely important. An essential platform for acts that might otherwise operate in relative obscurity. 

How important is the DIY ethic to you in your approach to your musical projects?

It’s of paramount significance.

What other acts are you most looking forward to seeing at Sound Summit?

There is so much good stuff this year, as always. Where to start….pretty excited about Sky Needle and Primitive Motion, and Fusinato, Tyvek, Matthew Brown, and the Intense Nest showcase, and Breakdance the Dawn! Rather than just go through and list the whole program, let’s just say we are looking forward to all of it. Everything. The lot.

What’s on the horizon for Four Door post-festival?

Right up after Sound Summit we are heading down to play at the Nihilstic Orbs Festival as part of Melbourne Music Week which will be a blast. Then we are going to hit the record button late this year/early next year and record a follow up to our self titled 12” which is out now. It’d be nice to try and take things somewhere else on the globe, but no firm plans yet. Just jamming and having fun mostly.

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