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Olympic Ayres are a young Sydney duo who started producing music in a dusty attic, building songs that incorporated guitar, bass and synthesizers with whatever else they found lying around. In 2011 Olympic Ayres delivered their debut release Episode I, then in 2012 the duo stepped into the studio with Dann Hume (Sures, Gossling, Alpine) and released Episode II. Last year their released Episode III, and their popularity just keeps growing, having played with acts like World’s End Press and Van She, plus they also won Triple J’s Unearthed competition to play at Field Day in 2013.

Describe Olympic Ayres in 3 words.

Sydney / Music / Duo.

How did Olympic Ayres come to be?

We met at a party, few years later decided to make some beats then that turned into Episode I and further down the line a live show. We’re now up to Episode III .

You recently released a preview of your new EP, ‘Episode III’. Wwhat can your fans expect from ‘Episode III’ and how does it differ from your past EPs, ‘Episode I’ and ‘Episode II’?

Another 3 tracks, we feel like Episode III is a development of our sound and songwriting. Compared to the previous 2 Episodes I think they tie in nicely, if you were a fan of them than this one doesn’t stray too far .

You remix all of your singles after you release them. How do you choose DJs to remix your tracks and could you explain that creative process to us?

As far as choosing remixers we have a huge list of talented producers we like and we just hit them up to see if they are available/keen to remix our track. We were very lucky for our latest single “Magic” to have Luke Million, Pharao Black Magic and Night Driver on board who all did killer remixes.

Who are some artists that inspire you?

Albums on repeat lately – Kindness, Chance the Rapper, Rhye, Mount Kimbie, ESG, Jagwar Ma.

Based on your previous experiences, what advice can you pass on to any emerging bands trying to break into the scene?

Put all your focus and energy into the music, if the music is right then everything else will fall in place … AND KEEP WORKING/WRITING/CREATING .. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS – PROGRESS.

How important has community radio been to you in your journey to success?

More than anything community radio has created just that, a community – which is an essential foundation of the arts as a whole … If we talk about FBi specifically – they gave us our first spin on radio, first interview, reviews and promotion on there website, and also hosted us in there live venue FBi Social – what more could we ask for? Bloody legends!

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