After much deliberation and discussion between the 2013 Sound Summit Co-Directors and MusicNSW, Sound Summit Festival of Independent and Innovative Music has decided to take a hiatus in 2014. This decision has not been made lightly and was made with the aim to develop a more robust platform for the festival’s long term sustainability.

The ongoing financial viability of the festival has been a major factor in this decision, with Sound Summit currently seeking out a range of funding and partnership options within a revised business plan.

The role that Sound Summit plays in the festival circuit is vastly different from when it was first launched in 2000. Since leaving the This Is Not Art (TINA) Festival in 2011, Sound Summit has continued to explore new ideas to establish its relevance and place amongst the Australian music and festival world. The successful move from Newcastle to Sydney in 2013 marked the next phase in the development of Sound Summit, and brought about a renewed focus on the challenges of remaining relevant, innovative and financially viable.

In light of this, Sound Summit Co-Director Liza Harvey will undertake an in-depth review and evaluation of the festival. MusicNSW will call on participants past, present and future for their input and feedback in regards to the future of Sound Summit and the next steps.

In the meantime, Sound Summit will be holding satellite events throughout the year, keeping the idea alive in a more distributed form and to maintain its commitment to building a platform for innovative independent Australian artists.

For interviews, statements and all other media enquiries, please contact:

MusicNSW Executive Officer
Kirsty Brown