Australian Live Performance Industry Worth $2.5bn - MusicNSW

The Australian live performance industry is worth $2.5 billion, according to Live Performance Australia (LPA), who have recently done a second study of the economic size and scope of the music industry sector. The study is based on the latest data available, which is from 2012.

The first study was released in 2010 based on data sourced from 2008. This study is broader in scope, as it now includes key organisations of the Australia Council for the Arts, and regional and metropolitan venues that are members of the Australian Performing Arts Centre Association (APACA).

To make up the $2.5 billion, 49.6% comes from box office income ($1.2 billion), 28.9% from corporate sponsorship and support ($99.90 million) and 17.6% from government funding ($44.7.30 million). The study also includes facts about the amount of employees in the sector, which totals 34,131.

NSW and Victoria make up 65% of the total value of the industry in terms of industry output and value add. NSW has the highest value add per capita at $79.79.NSW’s live performance sector contributed $586.5 million to the NSW state economy.

To read more facts and details about the study, head here.