The Music Network launches professional social media network - MusicNSW

The Music Network has officially launched Australia’s first professional and social network, designed exclusively for the music industry.

TMN are aiming to bring together Australia’s music community by providing industry news, charts, career information and more.

TMN’s publisher Mark Dalgleish stated“The Australian music business might be experiencing a renaissance, with international plaudits and some well documented local success stories, however our industry remains insular and fragmented in terms of networking and professional development opportunities, and quite frankly, the vast majority of people in our industry struggle to get heard. I want TMN to become a more social and music-career oriented version of Linkedin; one that truly connects people in our industry for the first time. The days when a publisher can rely on advertising are over, we need to be providing services that people in our industry get true value from.”

The new initiative from TMN allows individuals and companies to create their own music business profiles, access to industry resources, look for industry specific jobs and networking events.

“We’re also hoping to give a voice to young people wanting to break into the industry,” added Dalgleish. “Whether they’re up-and-coming artists or simply people who love the music business and want to work in it. We’ve priced it at a few dollars a week, so anyone can afford it if they’re half serious about music.”