ARIA launch Audio & Visual Streaming Chart - MusicNSW

The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) are launching a new weekly Audio & Visual Streaming Chart.

The new chart is set to incorporate all official music videos on YouTube, including Vevo and user generated clips, and audio streams from music streaming services such as Rdio, Google Play and Spotify.

Dan Rosen, CEO of ARIA said: ““We aim to continuously evolve the ARIA Charts to ensure that they accurately represent the new ways that Australian music fans are consuming their favourite music.”

“There is no denying the impact YouTube has today on music and popular culture” he added.

Partnerships Manager of YouTube Australia, Georgie Powell welcomed the new concept by saying the new charts will be a reflection of how users are discovering new music.

“YouTube has become a comprehensive music destination where people tune in, discover new music, and where musicians can strike a chord with new audiences.”

“This new chart will reflect how music lovers are finding their new favorite songs and music videos online, as well as how artists are using their YouTube channels to find fame in Australia and across the world.”

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