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Sydney group Jenny Broke The Window started off on the outskirts of Sydney with brothers Matt and Sam Lath, who have been writing together for 20 years. The duo were eventually joined by Matt McCaffrey (Bass), Todd Simpson (Percussion) and Joel van Gastel (Drums). They have been the main support for The Fratellis, on continuous triple j rotation with their single ‘Rum n Cola’, FBi Radio and TimeOut Magazine Indie Artist of the Month and are proving to be the next best thing to come out of Sydney!

How would you describe your music in just 3 words?

Nostalgic Danceable Debauchery

Tell us a little about yourselves, and how you came about as a band?

Two of us are brothers and the other two we met through mutual friends and school. We started much like any other band really, rehearsing in a hot garage before noise complaints forced us to move elsewhere and perhaps take ourselves more seriously.

You originated from the South Coast of NSW. What is the music scene like out there? How did you break out of regional NSW and start reaching metro audiences?

In the past few years it feels like there has been a real lift in the live music in Wollongong. People want to go to live gigs and are really getting behind local bands which is great.

Purple Sneakers once described your music as ”They sound positively pop like with a side stream of blues melancholy”. Would you say that is an apt description of your sound?

I guess in a way it does. We have always liked to match two contrasting themes together, such as a poppy beat with gloomy lyrics.

What is your proudest moment so far as a band?

It is definitely a great feeling hearing your own song on radio.

When will you be putting out an official release and what can we expect from it?

We would love to release an LP but at this stage we are focusing on releasing a new EP for the end of the year.

You are signed to 123 agency. How did that relationship come about and what are the benefits of being signed to an agent?

The guys at 123 Agency are great. They reached out to us a while back and we just really liked their ideas and the other bands they looked after. Being signed to an agent means you don’t have to worry about finding a steady flow of gigs.

What advice do you have to other young musicians trying to break into the music industry?

I think the most important thing is to first like the music you write and to keep at it. Don’t change your sound based on what everyone else is doing.

If you could collaborate with any Sydney based artist or band, who would it be?

We recently had Jen from ‘I Know Leopard’ come into the studio and do some vocal takes – which was sweet.

What can we expect to see from you guys in 2015?

A couple more releases and then hopefully an EP by the end of the year.

Where we can we find more about you?

Visit our website