Live music dollars boost the Australian economy to the tune of $15.7 billion - MusicNSW

According to national research conducted by the University of Tasmania and released today by the Live Music Office, our live music sector contributed $15.7 billion of value to the Australian community in 2014.

The Economic and Cultural Value of Live Music in Australia 2014 report aims to value the economic, social and cultural contribution of the Australian live music industry with both a national consumer survey undertaken alongside a survey of venues in Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.

The last research of this scale was done in 2011.

This research was undertaken in partnership with the University of Tasmania, the City of Sydney, City of Melbourne Council, The Government of South Australia, and The Live Music Office as an initiative of the City of Sydney’s Live Music and Performance Taskforce.

John Wardle, Policy Director at the Live Music Office said, “This research is an important milestone for the Australian live music industry. We’ve created a benchmark for governments and the community to understand the importance of live music to Australian culture, community and the economy.”

An online version of the report is available on the Live Music office website.