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RELEASE, the dynamic  five stage program designed to assist independent label owners from Australia and New Zealand grow their businesses, is now calling for applications. Independent label owners from both sides of the Tasman are encouraged to apply. The program is presented by the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN), and supported by the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) and Independent Music New Zealand (IMNZ). Funding has been provided by the Australian Government and the New Zealand Music Commission.

RELEASE will incorporate two residential labs over a period of six months. Both will be held near Melbourne, the first from 29 November to 2 December 2015. A number of advisers/mentors from within and outside the music industry will work with participants including Terry McBride, one of the founders of NETTWERK Canada; high profile entertainment lawyer Julia Kosky and successful marketing and label owner Andy Bryan, both from Sydney; as well as leading manager and label owner Craig Pearce from New Zealand.

RELEASE will provide participants with practical business guidance. It will include a comprehensive review of the different business models found in the contemporary music sector, as well as deep analysis of each business model brought to the lab. It’s a distinctive program because it uses the services of a psychologist to help participants with time management, resilience and life/work balance, critical issues for most small and micro-business owners for whom time pressures are a key challenge.

Music entrepreneurs of the future will need to have the same set of competencies that characterise innovators in other professional disciplines”, said Joel Edmondson, AMIN spokesman and Executive Officer of QMusic.  “RELEASE is a first step in that direction. Alumni report that it’s not only changed their businesses for the better, but their lives as well.”

“I expected to be spoon-fed information but wasn’t. The course structure was well suited to the group. I’d recommend it to anyone!”  Mike Solo, participant, RELEASE pilot program 2013.

You have to be nimble to run an independent label that achieves both artistic and economic success today. Everything is in flux. But that also means there’s great opportunity for innovation” added Dan Nevin, General Manager, AIR.

RELEASE application forms and guidelines are available below:

 Applications close 25 September 2015 and are to be emailed to: