Guest post by BIG NEWY SOUND‘s Sara Martin!


BIGSOUND 2018 will be my fifth BIGSOUND, so I guess I think I have a bit of a clue when it comes to planning your BIGSOUND experience. For those of you that aren’t sure what it is, “BIGSOUND is Australia’s leading new music festival and industry conference held annually in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Discover the future of music.” – Well, that what it says on the brochure, and it’s true, but it’s so much more.

BIGSOUND is three days of seeing as much live music as possible, talking about the live music you saw, little sleep, networking, and, of course, some partying thrown in for good measure. For wherever there is good music, there will always be good vibes.

So year after year, I’ve watched, I’ve listened, I’ve loved – showcase after showcase, new music, new thrills, more passion, but always walked away thinking… “where is Newcastle? Where are the regional areas? The regional areas that produce so much talent.”

2018 is the year we change all that.

NEWCASTLE REPRESENT!  Not only does Newcastle have at least three artists performing in the official showcases, it itself has its very own OFFICIAL SHOWCASE PARTY! BIG NEWY SOUND!!

The Cambridge Hotel will present a showcase that will be all that is Newcastle, and basically, this is your starting point for your “must see artists” list.

I think I said a little earlier that I have a clue when planning this? Every year around this time, I start my countdown. I make myself my Spotify list of all the artists and map out my strategy – my blueprint of who to see, where and when.

That’s all good in theory, but rarely does it come to fruition. Why? Well, BIGSOUND can stimulate all of your senses all at once, sometimes to a magnificent point of overload. You meet people, they suggest you see something else, you get caught up, and so on.

So, here’s my number one tip for BIGSOUND 2018: Select five artists you feel you cannot miss, and do yourself up an “I MUST SEE THESE BANDS NO MATTER WHAT” list and do not deviate!

Like I said before, this is your starting point. Your “I MUST SEE THESE BANDS NO MATTER WHAT” list (you’re welcome!):

Big Newy Sound

FRITZ: Quirky and fun, young and bright – oh so good, and really funny!
DAVE: Aussie punks and loveable larrikins who’ll give you a rollicking good time and a dusty hangover.
BELLE BADI: A blend of pop and RnB with rap-style lyrics – punchy and full of meaning. Don’t mess with her or she’ll write a song about you!

  • 12:30pm, Thursday 6th September at RIC’S BIG BACKYARD

RT Press Shot 2018 - By Lazybonesphoto
Everyone’s favourite Novacastrians there live performances are like a party with your friends.

  • 9:50pm, Wednesday 5th September at Crowbar Black
  • 9:50pm, Thursday 6th September at Crowbar Black

Rachel Maria Cox
The non-binary singer-songwriter and their band will make you feel and draw you in with their ‘emo-pop’ stylings.

  • 8:10pm, Tuesday 4th September at Crowbar Black
  • 9:40pm, Thursday 6th September atWoolly Mammoth – Alehouse Stage

Eat Your Heart Out
ROCK, POP, PUNK – Splitting at the seams with awesomeness. At their gigs, you’ll get smothered by their music – and that’s a good thing.

  • 9:50pm, Tuesday 4th September at Brightside
  • 11:20pm, Wednesday 5th September at Crowbar Brisbane

MusicNSW’s Sounds From Newcastle Spotify Playlist
Check out all these artists and more on MusicNSW’s Spotify playlist!

Remember, don’t deviate from your Top 5, and you won’t come away from BIGSOUND disappointed!
Once Again. You’re Welcome.



BIG NEWY SOUND: Showcasing some of the finest talents from the steel city, and informing you of everything music in Newcastle. For more info head to!

You can check out some more great NSW artists showcasing at this year’s conference on our BIGSOUND 2018 Spotify Playlist!