MusicNSW funding among 60 recommendations from NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Music - MusicNSW
Milky Thred at Indent Tour 2018 by Lazy Bones Photo

MusicNSW welcomes the recommendations published today in the NSW Government’s parliamentary inquiry into the music and arts economy in New South Wales.

The report outlines 60 recommendations, including the support for MusicNSW to conduct activities such as establishing a Music Development Office, promoting live and all-ages gigs, conducting a live music venue census every two years, and showcasing regional venues, artists and industry.

“It’s heartening to see our State Government acknowledge the incredible talent of our artists, the resilience of our communities and also the impact poor regulation is having on our industry. MusicNSW is thrilled with the Committee’s recommendations and report and look forward to seeing the Government’s response,” says Emily Collins, managing director of MusicNSW.

Key findings from the report highlighted the “massive potential for the contemporary music sector in New South Wales”, noting the need for at least $35 million over four years to match Victorian funding for contemporary music per capita.

The state’s live music crisis was also recognised as a key finding, with the Committee recommending the NSW Government review and amend “outdated” conditions for liquor licences and development applications that place unnecessary restrictions on certain entertainment live music venues, such as prohibiting music genres or specific musical instruments.”

In addition, the Hon. Paul Green, MLC, who serves as the Chair of the Committee, said, “while there are many recommendations, I personally think that its time the NSW Government give music the attention it deserves given its importance to the state's economy, so, the committee has recommended that the Premier appoint a Minister for Music, the Arts and Culture in place of the Minister for the Arts, or appoint a Minister for Music in addition to the Minister for the Arts.”

“MusicNSW welcomes this extremely comprehensive report and commends the committee members for their commitment to music in NSW,” says Julian Knowles, chair of MusicNSW. “The report's value lies in its broad consultation base and its fully ecological view of current challenges and opportunities.”

“The report identifies a number of critical areas in which barriers need to be removed and where further strategic investment is required in order to fully potentialise the state’s music industries. MusicNSW stands ready to play a positive role in working with the government to make progress on the recommendations to allow NSW music to achieve its full potential in the global music market and to make NSW a fertile place for artists, audiences and music businesses alike”.

You can view the final report of the NSW Government’s parliamentary inquiry into the music and arts economy in New South Wales here.

Image credit: Milky Thred performing at the 2018 Indent Tour, photo by Lazy Bones Photo.