SOUND ADVICE is FREE for MusicNSW Members. Enter your membership number in the promo code section at ticket selection to get 100% discount! MusicNSW Membership is FREE so simply sign up as a member of MusicNSW. Got a single or album ready to go? Want to know how to get your music out to the world? Jane Slingo Executive Producer of EMC (Electronic Music Conference) & founder of management company Young Strangers (Set Mo and Sampology) talks with Andy Irvine from Australia’s newest digital aggregator (GYROstream), Director of Inertia Music's Label Group Meg Williams and Community Broadcasting Association of Australia/AirIt’s Lucie O’Connor. Find out what distribution stream works best for you and get the inside scoop on how to support your release so it gets the attention it deserves. Then prep your best questions for the speed-meet session where you’ll get to chat with our distinguished distribution panelists! Hosted by Jane Slingo, (EMC & Young Strangers) Andy Irvine from Australia’s newest digital aggregator (GYROstream) Meg Williams Director of the Inertia Music Label Group (one of the [PIAS] group of companies) AirIt’s (Community Radio Distribution platform) Lucie O’Connor 107 Projects is an accessible space. See here for details on venue accessibility. for any further questions please contact us at Sound Advice is proudly supported by Create NSW and APRA AMCOS. To access free tickets please enter your membership code (including MNSW) in the promo code field. Not a member? Sign up for free now!