SOUND ADVICE: Budgeting for Grants - MusicNSW

With gigs and supplementary jobs drying up in the wake of the pandemic, grant funding has never been more important for our industry. But tackling a grant application is a daunting prospect for a lot of people.

Budgeting is maybe the most important aspect of a successful grant application, and by the same token, it's poor budgeting that drags so many applications down. Along with our Grant Writing Top Ten and How To Talk About Your Project in 10 Easy Steps videos, this SOUND ADVICE budgeting resource forms part of a suite of resources we're putting together to help you get over the grant writing hump.

Check out the video below and these links to our supplementary grant writing resources.

 Voiced by Tanya Ali
Featuring Sara Khan
Music: ‘Peach’ by The Goods
Animation: Brad Chandler

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