An Open Letter from AMRAP - MusicNSW

The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (AMRAP) is a federally funded iniatitive through the community broadcasting sector that offers artists a mailout service to all Australian Community Radio stations. AMRAP’s manager Chris Johnson has written Amrap Manager, Chris Johnson, has written an open letter to music distributors, publicists, promoters and artist managers heralding the changes to happen shortly in the Amrap camp.

Amrap (the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project) is a Commonwealth Government funded initiative that creates airplay opportunities for Australian contemporary music through community radio. Amrap aims to meet the needs of both the music industry and community radio to get great Australian music national airplay, faster.

The open letter hints at the bold and innovative strategies Amrap is implementing in the near future. The first strategy being a national community radio music portal designed to get more Australian music to broadcasters and listeners while gaining qualitative results for the music industry.

Amrap has recently received renewed funding and the letter opens the floor to the music industry to offer their opinions and expertise to ensure that every cent of funding goes towards services and initiatives that gain results for Australian musicians.

Amrap is officially relaunching at Big Sound Music Summit (Brisbane, September 9-11, 2009) and online Tuesday, September 15th, 2009.

These changes will transform the way the music industry and community radio interact. To read his letter please visit