NSW Labor announce support for Parliamentary Inquiry recommendations! - MusicNSW
Women In Electronic Music Showcase - Nick McKinlay

The NSW Labor party yesterday announced their support for the 60 recommendations outlined in the Parliamentary Inquiry report released last month.

The recommendations include the support for MusicNSW to conduct activities such as establishing a Music Development Office, promoting live and all-ages gigs, conducting a live music venue census every two years, and showcasing regional venues, artists and industry.

“The NSW music industry has massive potential but we’ve got a grassroots music venue crisis,” The Hon. John Graham, MLC said yesterday.

“In particular, we’ll scrap, in a single piece of legislation, the 669 venues that have got entertainment restrictions on them, telling bands how many people can take the stage, which instruments they can play, what direction they can face, and what type of music they can play, saying they have to play country and western, or they can’t play disco or pop,” announced the Shadow Minister for the Night-time Economy and Music.

MusicNSW welcomes the announcement and looks forward to seeing further music policies from the other parties ahead of the state election in March 2019.

Image credit: Women In Electronic Music Showcase 2017 – Photo by Nick McKinlay