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The findings from the federal inquiry into the Australian music industry have been released, following public submissions and hearings from late 2018 to early 2019.

Luke Howarth MP, who chaired the inquiry, outlined recorded and live music, the talent pipeline and incentives for the use of Australian music as key areas of focus.

"It is vital that the Australian music industry works to ensure that artists and other industry careers are supported and sustainable, and that a diverse range of Australian artists are able to thrive," said Mr Howarth.

"Investment in the support and promotion of Australian artists is essential to the retention of talent and, ultimately, the sustainability and growth of the Australian music industry."

Inquiry recommendations

Among the 16 recommendations from the report are:

  • Investment in the Australia Council for the Arts’ domestic touring grant programs and work with state, territory, and local governments as well as industry to develop a contemporary music regional touring circuit.
  • Investment in Sounds Australia to enable it to expand its music exports program.
  • Investment in initiatives aimed at training and supporting artists and industry professionals to grow and develop their businesses, such as the:
  • Investment in Support Act to enable it to expand its services and deliver crisis support for artists and others working in the Australian music industry.
Party commitments

The national Liberal and Labor parties have both made funding commitments to the music industry.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently announced a funding commitment of $30M to the Australian music industry, including "$22.5m for live music grants for small businesses, $2.7m for indigenous contemporary music, $2.1m for a women in music mentorship program, $2m to the Australia Council to increase performance opportunities, and $1.6m for the expansion of Sounds Australia in order for them to capitalise on emerging Asian markets."

Last November the Australian Labor party committed to $28M in funding over three years, with a promise of a full announcement of $30 million invested in "new Australian music".

Federal election

The 2019 federal election is expected to take place in May, and will elect members of the 46th Parliament of Australia. 

Image credit: Indent Tour 2018 by Lazy Bones Photo