NSW Greens support $35m in music funding in new policy announcement! - MusicNSW
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Removal of "draconian" live music venue and festival regulations and increased funding for arts and music are among the official new music policies from the NSW Greens.

Announced ahead of the upcoming state election on March 23rd, the music policies include:

  • Removal of "draconian" regulations that restrict creative ventures and live music festivals and venues
  • Abolish Sydney's lockout laws
  • Support for a dedicated Minister for Arts, Culture, Music and Night Time Economy
  • A substantial increase in funding and support for the arts in NSW including ensuring that contributions from development approvals are used support arts at the local level
  • Support for the NSW Opposition's commitment of $35 million to contemporary music in NSW
  • Support for increased NSW government funding of:
    • Music festivals
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts
    • Accessible and affordable music education, including in the regions, to ensure there is better alignment of educational outcomes and industry needs
    • Community radio
    • Arts workers and musicians
    • Small and medium arts organisations at the local and regional levels

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Image credit: Indent Tour 2018 by Lazy Bones Photo