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Our friends at the Night Time Industries Association, who are fighting hard to revive Sydney's night-time economy, have put together a list of things you can do right now to help save Sydney's nightlife!

5 things you can do right now to help save Sydney’s nightlife!

1. Turn up to protests.

When the State government announced punitive, non-consultative, knee-jerk regulations for music festivals, Don’t Kill Live Music swung into action, staging a protest that attracted around 30,000 people. Don’t underestimate the impact of taking to the street: political parties are highly responsive to issues of concern to voters when there’s an election looming.

2. Contact your State MP and let them know your concerns.
3. Vote for change in the election on Saturday, March 23.

Wondering where the different parties stand on nightlife? Refer to this 2019 NSW State Election Report Card to see which parties have pledged to create a Ministry for the Night-Time Economy or a Minister for Music. Which ones will remove the 1.30am lockout laws? What about noise complaints, or funding for the creative industries? It’s easy to compare the policies.

4. Go out!

You’ve got to use it or lose it. Every time that you decide to stay in on the couch is an economic decision that gives money to the likes of Netflix and Deliveroo, rather than to the businesses that power Sydney’s nightlife. The late-night culture may be in crisis, but there is still plenty to do in Sydney in the evening, and the more people who go out the better the options will ultimately get.

Unite for the Night
5. Go to the Unite for the Night fundraising gig on Thursday March 7.

It’s an exceptional lineup of music acts (Josh Pyke, Gordi, I Know Leopard, Kav Temperley, Wallace) and comedians (Matt Okine, Mel Buttle, Tom Ballard and Cameron James) and tickets are just $50.

The gig and any proceeds raised will be used to pressure the major parties to commit to strong night-time economy and music policies in the lead-up to the election.

Come along and show your commitment to reviving Sydney’s night-time economy.

About the NTIA:

The Night Time Industries Association consists of: Hospitality (bars, pubs, clubs, restaurant); Entertainment venues; Festivals; Retail operators; Arts and Culture organisations; Precincts; Other Commercial Businesses with an interest in the Night time economy.

The objective of the Night Time Industries Association is to promote Sydney as a vibrant and creative city, and to build a new positive narrative for Sydney’s nightlife.