Our Soundtrack Our Stories - MusicNSW

Our Soundtrack Our Stories is a call-to-arms inviting corporate Australia, the nation's media and music lovers everywhere to use local music to soundtrack local life.

In a bid to mitigate the devastation wrought on our industry by the pandemic, while at the same time enriching our cultural life, this campaign challenges local enterprises to look to local artists first when seeking out music to enhance and elevate their projects. 

Over $64,000,000 in revenue has been lost since 1 July 2021 among just 2,000 respondents to the I Lost My Gig survey. With 99% of that revenue revealed to be uninsurable, the real figure is significantly higher. 

Greater support from corporate Australia would have a monumental effect on the industry's fortunes. It would mean greater reach for our artists, which translates to everything from higher streams, new fans and increased royalty revenue.

Whether you're a music organisation, artist or music lover, click here and find out how you can join the movement.