Support Act Crisis Relief Info Session - MusicNSW
Support Act is offering cash grants to musicians and music industry workers rocked by a loss of income due to rolling pandemic lockdowns.
In a special lunch break edition of SOUND ADVICE, our own Laura Murdoch spoke with Support Act's National Welfare Coordinator Anne Jacobs to discuss the eligibility criteria and go through the application question-by-question for you.
Watch the session back at your own pace and use the timestamps listed below the video to get the most out of this opportunity!
If you haven't already started an application, head HERE

How much can you apply for?

7m 13s
Who is eligible?

7m 34s
2 x Referees are required - examples of referees

Application process timeframe: How long does it take to process the application?

23m 16s
My partner's income doesn't affect how much I still personally am required to contribute to expenses so when I enter my “household income” I’m ineligible yet i’m still responsible for my share of living expense payments, which far exceeds my income, after having 100% of my personal income lost due to Covid. Can I still apply?

25m 17s
If your income just covers your expenses or covers 55% is there a consideration on a case-by-case basis here?

27m 45s
If my partner's income is also affected by COVID as we present events and share profits together. Do we individually apply or is it one app per family?

30m 48s
Is a Govt COVID disaster payment included in income?

35m 57s
If you have received covid crisis music keeper grant previously due to covid impacts can you apply again?


Useful info below!

Mental wellbeing resources 

Support Act Wellbeing helpline: 1800 959 500

Crisis relief grants  

Income Spreadsheet Calculator 


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