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Sound Summit is part of the This Is Not Art festival that happens annually for 5 days over the October long weekend. It is held in Newcastle, NSW, along with Electrofringe, National Young Writers Festival, Critical Animals and, for the first time in 2009, Crack Theatre Festival.

Since 2000, Sound Summit has given electronic and hip hop musicians, producers, composers, labels, promoters, industry and fans a chance to perform, discuss, learn, teach, interact and argue in front of an audience of like minded peers in an environment that allows for the global exchange of ideas, techniques and trends. In 2009 the festival dropped its genres and broadened its scope, inviting independent artists from around Australia and internationally to idea-share, skill-share and brain dump.

Sound Summit exists to give musicians, producers, composers, promoters and fans the opportunity to interact, reflect and collaborate, building communities around what they do and exploring how they do it. The festival explores the depths and reach of independent, innovative music in Australia.

Sound Summit will continue the ethos of skill development, knowledge sharing as well as providing performance/networking opportunities for young artists and industry practitioners as it makes up an integral part of This Is Not Art which in 2009 will be held from October 1 – 5, in Newcastle, NSW.

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