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Whichway is the key music development program for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music industry in NSW.

Whichway Aims
Whichway Aims to;

  • Increase the profile of Indigenous musicians in NSW, Australia & internationally
  • Increase the career opportunities for Indigenous musicians
  • Increase the professionalism within the Indigenous Music Industry in NSW
  • Expand networks and contacts for Indigenous musicians & bands
  • Increase Industry awareness & support for Indigenous musicians & bands

Whichway achieves these objectives through a core program that includes Introductory Workshops that lead into an advanced workshop program, an EP recording program, EP Launches, touring opportunities as well as general artist assistance, auspicing of grants and ongoing support for artists.

2009 will see Whichway host the first NSW Indigenous Artist Forum. This forum will give NSW Indigenous Musicians the opportunity and the avenue to express what the issues that they face as musicians as well as provide inside incite on how Whichway most effectively develop the industry.

Introductory Workshops:
The introductory workshop will be delivered to 3 specific genres, the genres being general singer/songwriter, Hop Hop/urban and country. The workshop will be delivered over 3 days, each day will have a particular focus. Day 1 will be music industry knowledge and skills, day 2 will focus on songwriting and day 3 will focus on performance skills. Singer/ songwriter and Hip Hop will both be delivered in Sydney whilst country will be delivered in Tamworth in the week leading up to the Country Music Festival.

Advanced Intensive:
4 artists will be selected from the applications on artistic and professional merit. They will be accepted to participate in an intensive career development process. Experienced music managers will facilitate the workshops and in conjuntion with the Whichway Project Manager continue to act as mentors to the artists involved on an ongoing basis after the workshops.

EP Recording:
4 exemplary artists/bands that have been selected to do the advanced intensive will progress to the recording project. It will be the next step in there career plan and will lead into the artist launching there own EP.

EP Launches:
Upon completion of the Whichway EP Recording the artist will organise there own EP launch. Utilising the Whichway Project Manager as a mentor through out the process as well as utilising the skills and recources they have gained throughout the Whichway Program. This process will ensure that the artist is in good stead to pursue their music career, as well making there launch relevant to there genre of music.

If you would like to submit an expression of interest to be involve in the Whichway program or would like to receive more information contact Frank directly:  frank@musicnsw.com