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SOUND ADVICE: How to talk about your project in 10 easy steps

With gigs and supplementary jobs drying up in the wake of the pandemic, grant funding has never been more important for our industry. But tackling a grant application is a daunting prospect for a lot of people.Talking about your project in a grant application might sound like the easy part, but it’s where so many

SOUND ADVICE: To Release or Not To Release

This instalment of SOUND ADVICE covers all aspects of releasing music in the modern era. From devising a strong visual identity to prepping your live show to considering the social context in which you’re releasing, this video lays out what you need to know before developing a strategy that’ll do justice to your record.


Membership benefits by Catherine McElhone

Have you been asked to sign on the dotted line but not sure if you’re getting the best deal? Whether you’re agreeing to royalty splits with bandmates, thinking about signing an agreement with a manager or trying to work out if your publishing deal is fair – chances are that at some point in your