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Current News

Current News
MusicNSW is in discussion with ArtsNSW, State and Regional Development and approaching Minister’s to support the strategic development of contemporary music. MusicNSW has developed a Contemporary Music Development Model, from which we believe a State Contemporary Music Strategy ought to be developed. Should anyone be interested in seeing and commenting on the model please contact us.

Artists and music businesses can assist us by contacting their local state member and discussing with them the importance of supporting the development of independent contemporary music artists and businesses.

NSW Music Landscape

The entire NSW Music Budget sits at 1.3 million, this budget is allocated to all music genres and music project types, including but not limited to Operas, Youth Orchestras, Ensembles, Music Theatre, Carnivale and Jazz.

With funds not being available to continue the MusicNSW regional touring grant program, there exists no touring support opportunities for NSW contemporary musicians.

NSW currently has no artistic development fund for contemporary musicians, with the removal of recording grants from Australia Councils grant category there exists no opportunity for NSW artists to access funds for recording.

There currently exists minimal strategic opportunities for regional contemporary musicians, music businesses and for audience development.

NSW is lacking a specific education support scheme for contemporary musicians in NSW

A strategic state export initiative that augments a federal strategy is currently in its infancy and requires further expansion.

As evidenced by strategies being implemented by other states, Strategic Trade and Business Development there exists an immense potential to increase the economic growth of this industry.

Western Australia

National Music Landscape
WA has a specific Contemporary Music Budget, this was started with a 5 million commitment over a three year period, followed by $850,000 in the 2006 – 2009 per year. Funds were committed towards WAM core funding, International Development and Strategic Projects, Quick Response Grants, Industry Grants Program (two rounds per year), Indigenous Music Strategy, and Research and Evaluation. Further, Live Music Venues in WA have access to matched funding for sound attenuation. ArtsWA will be undertaking its most comprehensive review of their Contemporary Music Strategy that has now been operational for the past 8 years. WA artists throughout this time have dominated the Contemporary Music scene both nationally and internationally.

The Queensland Contemporary Music Strategy commits 1.3 million per year towards Q Music and development strategies, plus an additional $300,000 has been committed over a three year period to run the Big Sound Music Conference.

Late 2008, Victoria announced VicRocks a Victorian Contemporary Music Strategy that commits $3.4 million over next four years to support the growth and viability of the Victorian local contemporary music industry.