MusicNSW is delighted to present SOUND ADVICE: a series of panels, talks and masterclasses featuring the best in the business. SOUND ADVICE aims to give artists, managers, and emerging industry professionals a leg up into the industry through providing access to stellar guest speakers. Covering a range of topics, SOUND ADVICE will demystify the music industry, identify career pathways for artists, offer free advice from industry professionals, as well as survival tips for coping as a contemporary musician. You can come along to one of our free industry panels, listen to your idols tell-all at an artist talk, or enrol to become a master in one of our masterclasses. The program will roll out over the year so stay tuned to our socials and enews for the lastest announcements.

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Sound Advice: Panel Program

We’re pleased to announce that this year we’ll be holding all of our panels at the wonderful 107 Projects in Redfern (107 Redfern St, Redfern). It’s a quick walk from Redfern station and a great space!

All Sound Advice panels are free but places are limited so make sure you book yourself a seat through Moshtix.

Panels Program:

May 2, 2017

6pm-8:30pm / 107 Projects, Redfern

6pm // Industry Essentials: You’ve written a song – now what? Everything you need to know.

7:15pm// Record and Release: All the advice and expert knowledge you’ll need to know about releasing a record from the legends at Inertia (presented with Inertia)

July 4, 2017

6pm // You Got Played: How to get your music on Australian Radio 

7:15pm// Dial-a-Crowd: Touring, marketing, building a fan-base

August 15, 2017

6pm // Image Conscious: How to make your press kit look totes profesh

7:15pm// Business & Funding Fundamentals: How to manage your band as a business, funding, grants, and how to increase your chances of success

September 26, 2017

6pm // Sound Mind: How to keep your shit together whilst also touring, being broke and dealing with difficult band mates

7:15pm// Deep Web: Make the most of online platforms incl. social media and streaming services 

PLUS more to be announced for November and December.


UP FIRST: Sound Advice Panels, May 2

Kicking off Sound Advice for 2017 we have two great general panels featuring some of the best in the business. These panels are for musicians and emerging industry professionals and will cover a whole range of topics from recording to releasing, what does a booking agent do, how to get a manager and how to promote and market yourself on a tight budget. All Sound Advice panels are free but places are limited so make sure you book yourself a seat through Moshtix.

The evening will be hosted by local legend Marty Doyle.


Vanessa Picken [Comes With Fries], Eva Trifonas [Incgnto], Mark Dodds [Handsome Tours] and Jordan Brady [Winterbourne]. Hosted by Marty Doyle.


7:15pm RECORD AND RELEASE (co-presented by Inertia)


Gab Ryan [Inertia], Meg Williams [Inertia], Justin Cosby [Inertia]. Hosted by Marty Doyle.


May 2, 6pm / 107 Projects, Redfern / FREE but booking required


Stay tuned for the announcement of upcoming speakers!

Sound Advice is supported by Create NSW, APRA AMCOS and 107 Projects.